Class Hands Up

Welcome to Secondary School

The school will start with four Year 7 classes and will grow one year at a time – giving our pioneering group of students the chance to make their mark on their school.

Eventually, when full, we will have students from ages 11-18. United Learning had experience of starting a school this way at nearby Wye School and will build on their experience in opening a successful new free school.

We will get to know and treat all of our students as individuals, giving them the tailored support, encouragement and guidance they need and deserve. We never set limits on what young people can achieve; we know that each and every one of them can go on to achieve great things and our job is to help make that happen.

Our young people will be placed at the heart of everything we do and the school’s ethos, curriculum, and enrichment programme will reflect their interests and needs.

As a brand new free school, Chilmington Green has the opportunity to embrace everything that today’s parents and young people want in an exceptional secondary school. As our first intake, the students starting with us in our first cohort, in will set the standard that others will follow. We are therefore determined to give each of them an exceptional education.

We want each of our students to thrive and succeed. A strong secondary education puts in place the foundations for success in further education, university and beyond. It is where you embed skills for lifelong learning, discover new interests and abilities, and build confidence and resilience.

We have an exciting opportunity to create a school designed for the local community – combining an academic and forward-thinking curriculum with excellent teaching and learning. Chilmington Green School will be a place for students to excel through opportunities in science, mathematics and technology, as well as the arts and humanities.

We also know that the best education is about more than just exam results. For that reason, we pride ourselves on delivering an ‘Education with Character’ – an education that inspires, excites and challenges young people and gives them the tools to be happy and successful, now and in the future.

From the moment you walk into the building, you will be able to tell that Chilmington Green School is a happy and thriving community. It will be a place where students love to learn and staff love to teach.