Online Safety

Online Safety

We live in a digital world.

Our students are growing up with access to multiple devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets) and access to a huge amount of information on the internet. As a school we recognise the importance of the internet, and devices with access to the internet, to support young people in their education. It is also important that our young people are prepared for further study and the workplace by being able to confidently use computer applications, email, and the internet.

Devices and the internet, however, need to be understood and treated cautiously. The rise in the use of social media by teenagers, in particular, has led to an increase in social pressure to participate in online activities and instances of cyber-bullying. As a school we promote the safe use of devices and the internet through our PSHE programme, in IT lessons, and in our assembly programme.

We do not allow students to use mobile phones on-site at school, which has helped to keep the instances of cyber-bullying at Chilmington Green School low. However, we are aware that the majority of our students use social media platforms outside of school, and it is not uncommon for some students to communicate with their peers late into the night once at home.

We would encourage you to speak with your child about their use of devices, social media and the internet. Discuss the benefits, drawbacks and put limits of your child’s use of devices in the evenings to ensure that your child is receiving enough sleep. Many parents/carers are unsure of how to approach these conversations. We would recommend looking at the advice given by Parent Info for advice, guidance and practical support on how to talk to your child about living in a digital world.