After School Extra-Curricular Programme

Tuesday Programme

Onsite Chilmington School 15.20pm – 16.15pm / Sports Activities Offsite Ashford Oaks 15.20pm-16.30pm

Swimming Lessons ‘Improve your swimming skills’

14.30pm-16.00pm (collection from East Hill, Ashford School)

Can you swim already but want some time in the pool with a qualified swimming instructor to build your water confidence, speed and technique. Join our Swimming Club and get going!

Limited to 15 spaces

Drama (Week A only) 


Do you enjoy creating and experimenting with characters and concepts? Over term 5-6, you will get a chance to explore different prompts and creative pieces of theatre from them. If you have enjoyed learning about physical theatre in class, then this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to develop your imagination and technical skills to create your own character and scenes and developing these as well as playing fun drama games!

Diversity Art Book Club  (Week A only)

Art Open Area

Join the Diversity Art Book Club to create a beautiful art book together about our diverse community from around the world. In this book we will create, you will have the opportunity to express your identity and learn about others through the vision of art, design and textiles. This club will involve reading, research, use of ICT and creating a stunning art project which will then be placed in our main reception area for all visitors who come to our school to read about our school culture and individual student heritage. 

Homework Club 

Classroom G06

A teacher supported after school club to give you some additional support and guidance with your compulsory home learning. Why not sign up and save yourself some time at home with teachers on hand if you have any questions. A great chance to use the Chrome Books if you have no device available at home.

Rock Band Music Club (Week A only) 

Classroom G07

Come along and get your ‘Rock’ on with Miss App’s. This session will be limited to 10 students due to musical instruments. We will aim to put together a school band with students who opt into this extra-curricular club. 

Limited to 10 spaces

Chilmington Chatter 

Classroom G03

For budding journalists and writers who want to get a taste of news writing in the context of our busy and developing new school, covering everything such as sports team successes, house competitions and celebrations, new school build updates, our therapy dog endeavours and more! This club will work towards pupils producing bi-weekly content for the official school newsletter shared with parents through developing skills in interviewing, research, news writing, photography and design. 

Thursday Programme

Onsite Chilmington School 15.20pm – 16.15pm / Sports Activities Offsite Ashford Oaks 15.20pm-16.30pm / Ashford School Activity times vary – please refer to email confirmation for specific timings.

Dance Club – Ashford School 

16.00pm – 17.00pm (Collection from East Hill, Ashford School)

A fantastic opportunity to work with a professionally trained dance teacher at Ashford School to develop your love of dance and technical skill ability. This would be the perfect follow on club to those who joined Dance and Gymnastics club in Terms 1-2 and a new opportunity for new dancers to join and enjoy learning a new creative skill.

Training Orchestra Club – Ashford School 

15.55pm -16.30pm (Collection from East Hill, Ashford School)

Training Orchestra is an ensemble group that will help to develop new and early players.  The ensemble will help to develop sight-reading and ensemble skills. You will learn different pieces and different styles of music over a term and have an opportunity to perform them in a concert at the end, IF they are ready!  The group will help prepare pupils for Orchestras requiring more advanced skills.  This is definitely for you if you love playing your instrument!


Ashford Oakes

Join us for some running, throwing, jumping practise and be super ready for our Sports Day! We will work on all athletic events including sprinting, long distance running, shot put, discus and long jump. Together we will look at the techniques you need to be successful in these events and be the best in your House Group to maximise your sporting ability and house points. 


Ashford Oakes

Join us for some rounders striking and fielding fun down on the field. We will learn the new secondary school rules regarding rounders and enjoy some summer games together. This club is open to both boys and girls and we hope to see you there. 

Gardening & Planting Group

Science Lab

Come and make our school grounds look vibrant and summery. We will be planting up some summer plants in all our pots and boarders. We will re-do the hanging baskets, make a vegetable patch and watch them grow! You will learn how to prepare, plant and look after the plants and vegetables. This club would be great for students who have a keen interest in the outside environment and ECO friendly team. 

Bushcraft Ashford School 

15.30 – 16.20pm (leave Chilmington Green School to walk 15.00pm)

The bushcraft will last for 6 weeks of outdoor lessons, these are as follows:

  1. Fire craft – fire safety, fire control, lighting fires with flint and steel. 
  2. Camp craft – bivouac building, shelter building.
  3. Cooking in the field – cooking a meal and a hot drink.
  4. Camouflage and concealment – to see but not be seen.
  5. Living off the land – what plants and bugs you can eat and humane traps.
  6. Mini exercise incorporating the above.

    Limited to 15 spaces