Our Temporary Home

Our Temporary Home for September 2023

As you will know, Chilmington Green School will benefit from a new school building which will be fully equipped with an excellent range of teaching facilities. This will provide a fantastic learning environment for our pupils and will create a number of opportunities to enhance and expand the curriculum. Construction is due to start in the next few months and we expect to be able to move in by the end of 2024.

Until the building is complete, we are pleased to announce Chilmington Green School will be housed at Ashford South Building on Jemmett Road, formerly home to Chilmington Green Primary School. This site will allow us to deliver our full Year 7 curriculum from our very first day and will benefit from a refurbishment programme led by Kent County Council over the coming months. As part of the work, we will have access to additional classrooms and a science lab. Our temporary home in the centre of Ashford is well-served by local transport services.

Chilmington Green School
Temporary Accommodation at Jemmett Road
Jemmett Road
TN23 4QE

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