PE Kit

PE Kit

On days where students have PE lessons or co-curricular sport, students must bring in their Chilmington Green School PE kit.

Compulsory PE Kit

Plain navy sports shorts  (all years)

Chilmington Green School PE T-Shirt*

White socks and trainers

Long navy blue socks are required for students who are participating in football, rugby and hockey. A gum shield will be required if students are taking part in rugby or hockey. Shin pads are also required for hockey.

Optional PE Kit

Chilmington Green School PE Jumper*.

Plain, navy, V-necked jumper (as for normal school uniform)

Plain navy blue or black leggings underneath the shorts for warmth or modesty reasons.

Students should not wear leggings without shorts.

Plain navy blue or black tracksuit bottoms on top of shorts, which can easily be removed if hot. Not overly ‘skinny’ or short so that ankles are shown.

For winter, students are permitted to wear plain navy blue or black skins / long sleeved tops underneath their T-Shirt.

If your child is ill or injured they will be given a leadership role during PE lessons and will still need to be in kit. An email or phone call explaining the illness or injury is still required so that PE staff are aware of those students who are not going to participate physically.

Support with cost of uniform

Should you require financial assistance with uniform, it is possible to make an application via the Hardship Fund.