Hair and Accessories

Hair styles should be reasonable, appropriate and neat. Hairstyles must not be worn in a way that is covering the eyes. Extreme, unnatural hair colours or mixture of colours (including dipping and other forms of colouring) and any patterned, shaved hairstyles are not permitted. Hair bands and headscarves/hair coverings/wraps/beads must be plain grey, brown, navy or black and have no or minimal patterning/wording.

Make-up, where worn, must be minimal and discreet. Nail varnish must not be worn. We will ask that any excessive make-up or nail varnish is removed. Nail extensions and fake nails are not permitted as they pose health and safety risks.

Jewellery is not permitted. The only exception is small, plain, silver or gold ear studs, one per ear lobe. No other piercings on the ear, or elsewhere, are permitted. Please contact us if you wish your child to wear an item of jewellery for religious reasons.