Confiscated Items

Confiscating students’ property is a legitimate sanction provided that there is a good reason for so doing and that the length of time the article is confiscated is reasonable.

Confiscated items will be labelled to include the student’s name, year group, details of the item(s) confiscated, date and the name of the staff member who confiscated the item(s). The item will be held at Student Reception where it will be stored in a safe place.

Items can be collected by the student from Student Reception at the end of the school day. It is the students’ responsibility to collect the item at the end of the school day. If the issue is serious enough for a longer period of confiscation, e.g. repeat offences, then parents/carers will be informed and will be requested to collect the item(s) from the School. Property will not be withheld for longer than a half term. At the end of a half term remaining items are handed back to the student.