Bushcraft Residential Trip – Year 7 July 2024


We took 48 Year 7 students to spend three days at Penshurst Place, Bushcraft.

Our students completed outdoor adventurous activities including archery, axe throwing, wild lake swimming, plane crash SOS, wilderness first aid, shelter building, fire starting and many others. Alongside the planned activities students were responsible for maintaining camp, collecting fire wood and keeping the fires going, making their own lunches and washing up!

During the evenings students enjoyed hot chocolates and marshmallows by the firepit and we enjoyed time together as a group. It turns out one of the groups favourite games involves running and hiding behind trees in the woods before the camp leaders can spot them!

All students camped outside in the wilderness under bell tents and we couldn’t be prouder of their resilience, attitude, newly found friendships and determination shown over this trip.

We now have some very tired students (and teachers) with very muddy clothes!